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Automation services

TamControl Oy's solutions throughout Finland

Modern automation systems develop quickly, and by making efficient use of them, you can achieve significant cost savings in, for example, production or mechanical engineering.

Expert automation design within mechanical engineering and automation design plays a key role in, for example, how good the overall performance of a machine or production will become. Careful automation design will also affect maintenance costs and machine and data security. A wide range of solutions can be connected to a well-planned automation system, such as production systems, energy consumption, machine safety, camera surveillance and general usability of the equipment.

We can offer you components and expertise also for real estate and energy production solutions.


We have the experts, systems and components for:

  • Automation design
  • Electrical design
  • Power room construction
  • Overall deliveries


Established in 2014

The owners and employees have wide experience in various aspects of electrical automation technology

Projects in Finland and several countries around the world

Office and warehouse in Ylöjärvi in Finland

More than 15 employees

Solid partnership network in Finland and Europe


Power room construction

Installation and installation supervision

Project deliveries

Component sales


Component sales and import

TamControl Oy imports high-quality European electrical and automation components Our extensive product portfolio covers components for mechanical engineering, power room construction, industrial multiway terminal blocks, and multiway terminal
block enclosures and sensors to logical circuits. Thanks to our long experience in the automation business, we can help our customers in component selection and dimensioning, for example by selecting suitable component on the basis of circuit diagrams.


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High-quality equipment, systems and solution with cost-efficient OVERALL DELIVERIES!

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We can make high-quality power rooms and automation cabinets even for demanding targets.

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High-quality products by reliable employees

We invest in our employees' wellbeing and training needs. Continuous training is the basic requirement for the construction of demanding electrical and automation systems. High-quality equipment and systems create a good basis for future automation solutions.